What we Offer

Our global network has the power to help businesses grow – based on years of experience and influenced by the changing needs of our customers.

The Right Service

From paperless flights to temperature-controlled shipments, innovation is at the heart of our work. Our experts deliver tailored transport services, worldwide and end-to- end. We divide our Air Freight product into service levels, which are packages offering different delivery times, routings, handling procedures and prices, making it easy to match any need.

The Real Difference

Experience tells us that the real difference in air freight is made on the ground. We give you access to the best people, processes and technology so that quality is assured and time won on the ground. And we constantly upgrade and refine our work to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective air freight service.

New Horizons

We are down-to-earth, yet determined to drive your business and the air freight industry forward. We use our influence to make improvements that benefit us all – today, tomorrow and for years to come. Together we can expand what’s possible.

what we provide

aAs a single point of entry, L& Y FREIGHT FORWAREDERS LIMITED provides access to a global network with a wide choice of routes and shipping options. The company also improves its clients’ productivity, for example by helping them effectively manage inventory levels or by making the supply chain more visible through its visibility tools., L& Y FREIGHT FORWAREDERS LIMITED provides ocean freight capacity under three main services, namely:

Full Container Load

Load: FCL is the shipping option that makes up the majority of , L&Y FREIGHT FORWAREDERS LIMITED Ocean Freight service and it involves shipping a full container as a single unit. For customers this is generally the fastest and most efficient way to move products.

Less than Container Load

LCL involves moving goods that do not fill a container. Cargoes are combined with others to maximize load factors of containers. Combining goods headed to the same region or destination gives customers with lower volume shipments access to ocean freight economies of scale that are normally restricted to full container movements.

Non-Containerized Load

The NCL service covers goods that require special handling not covered by shipping in a standard container or oversize goods that do not fit a standard container. In addition to moving these loads by ship, , L& Y FREIGHT FORWAREDERS LIMITED arranges road or other transport assistance to the final destination.

Our services includes

-Customs clearing,Freight Forwarding,Transport,Warehousing,Air freight,Customs consulting.

Business Implementation

Business implementation is a key function in L&Y to ensure a smooth transition of your business into daily operations.

Proven implementation methodology

With our proven implementation methodology L&Y Concept, L&Y’s implementation team ensures that your business requirements are fully understood, implemented and executed to your full satisfaction.   Based on the scope of the implementation and the business requirements (geography, Air Freight, Ocean Freight, Logistics, Control Tower, eBooking, Order Management ...) implementation experts in all locations can be joined to ensure that local requirements are met.

Our Commitment

• Efficiently by using our standardized implementation methodology L&Y Concept Effectively by using our implementation framework and providing regular updates on implementation progress A high quality of service by following a standardized process to collect your requirements and interact closely with you during the entire implementation project. VISION, MISSION AND

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